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About Heather...

It all started with an unexpected request to record the outgoing greeting on a former employer's phone system. I didn't even realize the world of voiceover existed before then, and my interest was sparked!  

Fast forward through training and lessons with some top industry professionals, and I have now been a voice talent for over a decade. With experience recording voiceover for commercials, corporate videos, training modules, phone systems (IVR), and various other projects, I have enjoyed collaborating with a variety of clients spanning the globe. 

I've worked with a number of leading brands, including American Express, Clorox, Coca-Cola, Google, Discover, Mercedes-Benz, Nokia, Sega, and Yahoo, among others.

My voice has been described as relatable, genuine, conversational, natural, confident, sassy, friendly, young, energetic, sultry, hip, fun, upbeat, playful, smooth, trustworthy, professional, calm, knowledgeable, sarcastic, and more.



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